Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finger Foods & Sippy Cups

Now that the girls are 11 months, I have been giving them finger foods. Some foods they have tried are green beans, peas, carrots, corn, bananas and strawberries. We got a large basket of fresh strawberries from the Farmer's Market and the twins ate the WHOLE THING in a week. Yesterday we tried broccoli which they weren't too fond of. Have to keep trying it as they liked baby food broccoli, pureed. It is easier on me to have them feed themselves lunch and supper. However, the clean up is twice as long, especially when they hate their faces and hands being wiped clean. Bath night should be an every day occurance when it comes to finger foods! They also have moved on to big girl sippy cups without handles. I personally think they do better on these cups than their 6m ones. It's hard to believe how fast they are growing up. I can't believe that in a little less than a month, they will be ONE YEAR OLD!

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